Terms and conditions OIDs PKIoverheid v2.2

Table of Contents

This document outlines the terms and conditions for Object Identifiers (OIDs) allocated within the {joint-iso-itu-t(2).country(16).nederland(528).nederlandse-organisatie(1).nederlandse-overheid(1003).pki-voor-de-overheid(1)} arc.

The Policy Authority PKIoverheid (PA) is the OID Registration Authority (OID-RA) responsible for allocating OIDs within this arc.

Terms and conditions

  1. To request an OID, an organization must complete an OID request form (PKI00113) truthfully and thoroughly, and submit it to the PA;
  2. An organization may only use an OID after receiving explicit written permission from the PA; the organization must not create or use an OID without such permission;
  3. The organization that has obtained an OID may use it solely for the purposes for which it was requested (and for which permission has been granted). In other words, an OID is valid only within the arc for which it was obtained;
  4. The organization that has obtained an OID shall not use OIDs or similar numbers within the arc for which the respective OID was obtained unless assigned by the OID-RA of that arc;
  5. By default an allocated OID does not expire unless the PA has imposed restrictions upon its allocation. However, the PA may revoke usage rights if the organization to which the OID is assigned fails to comply with these terms and conditions;
  6. The organization that has obtained an OID must promptly inform the PA of any changes in the information provided during the application;
  7. The organization that has obtained an OID must carefully preserve data related to the application and the OID itself throughout the OID’s validity period;
  8. An organization, other than the PA, is not authorized to allocate OIDs under (a sub-arc of) the “PKI for government” arc.

Exported on: 2017-05-30.